Head TA for EECS150 at UC Berkeley

From May 2003 to May 2005

My job as Head TA was to ensure the lab portion of EECS150, consisting of 3 hours of lab work and 1 hour of lab lecture per week for students, ran smoothly. This included creating the lab lectures, delivering them, helping students, training other TAs, and on occasion training a professor who hadn’t used the new lab technologies. Creating, teaching, and grading the project was the most demanding part of this job, as it took ~100-200 hours for students to complete. To my knowledge EECS150 was the only class difficult enough to merit 5 units, and it way my job to make sure students benefited from this capstone design course. In addition to education skills, this also required that I master Xilinx FPGAs, Verilog, logic analyzers, and even windows system administration.